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The most important factors for a successful Casual Date

1.) Rule Number One is: “Don’t get caught!”. In theory this might sound easy, however, in practice it tends to look different.

Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind when securing a successful casual date: You should consider carefully which website you register with. Some providers don’t take the anonymity of their members as seriously as others. Here, though, we can offer you reassurance: all providers that we include in our comparison place particularly high value on anonymity and discretion. For us this is an absolute must.

2.) Additionally, when visiting these websites, you should make sure that they’re not being saved in the history of your internet browser. In order to achieve this either use the private browsing mode or make sure to delete your history after each session.

3.) Be clear and concise in your affair: make it known that you’re in a relationship and don’t try fooling her. Everything else would make your situation more complicated. You can expect that almost all women on the above-mentioned websites are also already in relationships and would therefore not reproach you. So, clarify the rules and conditions as early as possible.

4.) Ideally, buy yourself a second mobile phone, which you keep turned off and hidden in a secret spot. Switch it on only to communicate with your dating partner.

5.) It is best to meet your affair far away from your place of residence and if you decide to meet at a hotel make sure to pay the hotel bill in cash only, in order to avoid leaving traces on your bank or credit card statement.

Furthermore, you should adhere to the traffic regulations and particularly to the speed limits. A penalty fee posted to your home could put you in a position of having to explain things.

6.) If possible, confide in a very good friend, whom you trust 100% and who can provide you with an emergency alibi.

7.) Don’t show off with your affair. Besides your “alibi” friend, you shouldn’t talk to anybody about your fling and you should especially not make a spectacle of it. Any additional confidant could pose a risk and you make yourself more vulnerable. Keep the fling to yourself and enjoy.

8.) Avoid leaving traces on your clothing and the scent of other women. Bear in mind, women have a very good nose when it comes to other women.

As long as you’ve considered these points, there should be nothing in the way of a successful fling. We wish you great fun with our top rated sites!

Who signs up to Casual Dating Websites!?

We are often asked whether there are any real women at all on casual dating sites or whether they’re all fake. Unfortunately, it has to be admitted that many providers of casual dating sites on the internet actually do work with fake profiles, in order to lure paying male users to their websites. An indication that these websites use fake profiles can usually be found in a clause somewhere in the sites’ terms and conditions, which hardly any user ever really looks at. Because of this we only include casual dating sites that work without fake profiles in our high score list.


But what kind of woman registers with those sites that are on our high score list? The answer is quite simple: normal women who are simply looking for a change in their relationship, or single women who just want to have fun. Many men still find it difficult to understand that women nowadays think just like them and are sometimes even more extreme. Emancipation has come a long way and women do what they want, instead of trying to fulfil some role-model ideal.


This becomes very clear when we look at our female candidates, for example, who usually come forward first. If women find your profile interesting, they won’t hesitate to contact you. Most men cannot believe this and immediately suspect that the messages are created by fakes. As a matter of fact, women make use of the websites’ anonymity protections so that they can behave however they want without being condemned publicly. 

Why free sites are usually useless

During our research of countless websites for affairs/flings, we noticed one aspect that all promising sites had in common:

Almost 100% of the time, the users that were genuinely looking for real flings, affairs and meet-ups were found only in the premium version of the website.

The explanation for this is relatively simple: either in the free version of a website or in a website that is seemingly completely free (which doesn’t really exist because in the end there is always a catch somewhere and hidden costs), the level of engagement of users is usually extremely low. Here one usually finds a large number of dud files, fake members or other types of fraud, where people cleverly try to squeeze money out of other members’ pockets.

On the other hand, users who are ready to pay money for a casual dating site are more determined and therefore fill in their profile completely and answer genuine queries. The premium version on many sites thus acts as a partition between the many insincere users, who aren’t really interested in a real meet-up, and those serious users who have a clear objective in mind. If you’re only interested in looking at profiles rather than meeting someone, you will quite likely be content with a free membership.

If you want to be truly proactive and want to find a real date, you won’t be able to avoid a service charge. That’s when one notices pretty quickly that the quality of profiles in the paid version on many sites is on a very different level to those on the free websites.

There is no question that there is also a great difference in quality between websites. Because of this you will find only those websites on where a paid membership is definitely worth it.